Selected filmography:

2015: German Angst
2013: Lemmy I´m a Feminist (Musik-Clip für "Half Girl")
2012: A Moment of Silence at the Grave of Ed Gein ( 2 min.)
2012: Die Frau in der Musik (music-clip for "Stereo Total")
2011: Making of Süsse Stuten 8 (actor, web series)
2011: Shaolin Affen (music-clip for "Osaka Popstar" & Klaus Beyer)
2010: Into the night with Oda Jaune and Lars Eidinger (French /German TV)
2009: Monsterland
2009: Captain Berlin versus Hitler 
2008: Making of Süsse Stuten 7 (actor, web series)
2007: Into the night with Joe Coleman und Asia Argento
2007: Into the night with Mark Benecke und Michaela Schaffrath
2006: Into the night with Bruce LaBruce und Jörg Buttgereit (as himself)
2004: Journey into Bliss (Special effects supervisor, actor)
2002: Die Monsterinsel  aka Monster Island (German TV)
2001: Missy Queen’s Gonna Die (music-clip for "Tok Tok")
1998: Lexx - The Series "791" (director)
1998: Lexx - The Series "Nook" (Show producer)
1998: Teenagemakeup (musik-Clip for "Dance or Die")
1997: Die gläsernen Sarkophage (TV)
1996: The Killer Condom (special effects)
1995: I can't let go (music-clip for "Shock Therapy")
1993: The Making of Schramm
1992: Schramm - Into the Mind of a Serial Killer
1992: Corpse Fucking Art
1991: Nekromantik 2 - Return of the loving Dead
1989: Der Todesking aka The Death King
1987: Nekromantik
1986: Jesus - The Film 
1985: Hot Love
1984: So war das S.O.36 (co-director)
1984: Horror Heaven
1983: Der Gollob
1982: Captain Berlin - Retter der Welt
1982: Der Trend – Punkrocker erzählen aus ihrem Leben
1982: Bloody Excess in the Leaders Bunker
1981: Mein Papi aka My Daddy
1981: Manne -The Movie
1981: Ogar der Häßliche
1981: The Exploding Sportshoe