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My hat riss to Arrow dvd for their staggering new dvd of NEKROMANTIK, particularly as this is the very first time this movie has been legally available in the UK!! Great print, terrific bunch of extras. A job well done! Now for NEKROMANTIK 2 in the UK,anyone? - Mike Wesley




Unable to eat meat

Since seeing your film "Nekromantik" I have been unable to eat meat, can you think of any advice for me in this regard? I hold you responsible for this. - David S.

I think this a very good reaction. - Jörg B.

The greatness of your artwork

I watched your masterpiece Der Todesking a few months back and I just wanted to tell you how spectacular I thought it was. I know you are a very big director in Germany and you probably get messages like this all the time but your film has truly inspired me and opened my eyes to your fantastic artistic efforts. The movie is truly such a beautiful study on suicide and life in general, its format is abstract in a very good way like I have never seen before and the seven day idea is so powerful. The interclipping of the decomposition scenes is so powerful that it really made me think so differently about life itself. Not to mention the beautiful score which I have been listening to over and over. It truly is one of my favourite films and one I will recomend to all my friends. Thank you for a wonderful experience. - Yours Sincerely Emil

Hello Joerg,

Many years ago I used to run a lonely old Nekromantik fansite. Not really sure what I wanted to say to you but I really appreciate your work. In Australia when DVD was first released it was illegal to buy/sell DVDs that were not our region 4. So there were no players available. The first DVD I ever bought was Nekromantik from Barrel Entertainment. It took 4 years before a player was released here that I could view it on but having had it on a VHS for many years it was worth the wait! I remember being in the store and the guy taking me into some back room and showing me this hidden DVD player behind some boxes that I could buy just to watch Nekromantik.

Something else I have always thought amazing about your work, particularly Nekromantik 2. As a female, that watches horror movies it has always been quite depressing to never see a film "heroine" who acts out of her own nature and free will. They have always been raped, or acting in revenge, being controlled by a man or having some other typically weak and victimised character. Nekromantik 2 is the only film I can think of (and there are probably more if you want to tell me any I'd appreciate it) in which a female character is killing because it is her nature. Although her background is not known, you get the feeling she was just born this way.

To see this film truely thrilled me (not in that way hah) as even with I Spit On Your Grave, to find the female character acting aggressively and killing those men, you had to endure a 20 minute gang rape scene prior. It isn't as though I just want to see men die, but it reset the equilibrium in my mind that was so far distorted and based on female torture and agony. Even Isla She Wolf of the SS involved a female mainly torturing other women in a sexual manner for the satiation of a predominantly male audience. I still love Ilsa though. Anyway I will stop going on, thanks again Joerg. I am getting my first Nekromantik tattoo sometime next year in the UK. - Katie

Greetings from a Scotsman

you haven't heard from for a long, long time! I have a novel coming out very soon called Soundproof Future Scotland. In it there characters are going to work for a place called Joe's Streetcleaning Agency. I have a couple of other sort-of Nekro refs and riffs in there too. Your films certainly had a profound, scary effect on me as a teenager!
I guess I stuck in the Nekro refs because I was so into your fine films at the time of my youth the book is sort-of set in. But it's not really about horror fandom at all.
I showed "Der Todesking", a fine piece of work, to two young filmmakers (22 and 23) I know the other week. Showed them it because it's so post-modern and self-reflexive and damned fucking cool. They loved it and were disturbed by it. Good to know your work still has the capacity to unsettle the younger complacent generation!

I can understand wanting to stop directing unpaid horror films. Your films were never just horror films though. And it's a shame you stopped doing them, because with every movie you made you made a quantum leap forward in your self-taught esthetic technique and camerawork style and expression of what you were trying to say about the human condition. But starving artists starve to death eventually, I suppose. Still, you must be proud you have that fine legacy of excellent subversive, challenging work left behind you. Anyway, be well, catcha later, - Graham Rae


Hello Jorg! I am from the United States and once when I was a child I "Google'd" my name and saw I could quite possibly be related to a famous German man in the movie business. I love your work! When I learned about you I was thrilled, and it is one of the many reasons why I am chosing to also be in the film career. I just want to say thank you for being awesome and a Buttgereit! :) - Gabrielle Buttgereit


Love you, Jörg

I`d like to say that your film "Der Todesking" saved me from death and I just want to thank you for it. You are the most truthful filmmaker i`ve ever seen. Just love you. - Alice

GG Allin

Firstly i have to say that i am a huuge fan of your films, it was really nekromantik that makes me want to start shooting my own films and you're a really big influence on me although I'm still not out of school yet, ha! Also, i love the way that they are all shot, the way you shoot them make's them look very artsy and beautiful. I can't wait to get my copy of captain Berlin vs. Hitler! Secondly, i was watching a copy of Hated: GG Allin & the murder junkies that i downloaded from a website and it appeared to be a VHS rip and at the beginning it had your JB Pictures logo on it which came as a big shock because it just seemed really odd. So I was just wondering what the story on that is and if you released any other music related documentaries or anything like that at some time? Anyways, it would make my day to hear from you! Thanks! - Justice

Yep - in the old days of VHS we distributed HATED in Germany! I love this Film! - J.

Hello Mr. Buttgereit,

I'm Mariusz, but I prefer my nickname, Tupolec. I'm a big fan of movies, mainly horror, b-movies, gore, exploitation, You know what I'm tellin' about :) Unfortunately, I'm from Poland. Far, far away of United States, Hollywood and celebrity world, so my hobby is hard to do :( When I find Your site, I knew that I must write to You. You're my God, I love all of Your movies! when I saw "Nekromantik" first time.. I knew that I'll never forget this movie :) so I have a little request to You, can You give me a pleasure and give me an autograph to my collection? I dream about just a little picture of You, sign personally for me, on my wall... It's only two simply words "For Tupolec" but from Your hands it's a big treasure :> Can You do this for me? I know that I'm just next fan, but maybe You can... I'll be eternally grateful! I promise! One hundred years and much more! All of the best for You Jörg! Thank You in advance :)

Your big fan - Mariusz "Tupolec"

Hi Jörg,

Hope you are well... I had my 'Der Todes King' Tattoo done in 1992 just after watching your film.. It's my only Tattoo. I had it done by a tattoo artist called Mike Stratton in Milton Keynes, England. I now live in Istanbul ( I've been here 17 years teaching english).

love your work! - Peter Robertson

more tattoos


I came across you by complete accident but love what I am seeing and am so intrigued by you and your thought patterns now. I am very much looking forward to watching more of your work. - Regards Miss Tara Cane


Just saw your documentary yesterday at the FIFA (Internatinal Film Festival about Arts) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As a special make-up artist myself, I really enjoyed it. We did a kind of seminar special event around the principal theme of your film, it was awesome.
I was really concerned about all the japanese segment in the movie, regarding all the worries we have about nuclear problems out there. I think your movie MONSTERLAND is really relevant with this current news.

Keep up the good work, -Eric

Dear Jörg,

My name is Nigel. I'm a fan of yours from the UK. I recently discovered your work thanks to a friend who introduced me to Nekromantik. A few months ago I had to have open heart surgery (I had what is called a blocked aorta!) and after my operation this friend would come around to my house with all these amazing DVDs and videos for us to watch (I don't think it was exactly my doctors idea of "relaxing at home after a major operation", but I really enjoyed your films and now I'm totally hooked on your work and can't wait to watch more!).
I can't tell you how excited and glad I've been to discover your work. I really needed that shock to the system after the last few months, and your work was certainly that. I've seen online that you've created some newer films - they look great fun also! Thanks again, you are a brilliant film maker and I'm really thankful to you for helping make a terrible time in my life at least for a few hours disappear!
Very best wishes, your pal  - Nigel

Jörg + Dario

Here is a photo with Italien Horror master Dario Argento and Jörg Buttgereit taken at the last "Weekend of Horrors" in Bottrop, Germany.

Donated by Phil. Thanx.

Beautiful Memories

Hey. Jody from Sweden writing. I just stumbeled over my old soundtracks from Nekromantik And Der Todesking, and listening to them I fell right back in to one of my most beautiful memories of me and my brother, watching your amazing films as I grew up. I really thank you for the great impression you have made on my conception of art. I was wondering... do you by any chance have the lyrics to the song 'scelette delicieux' ? I've learned to play it, but i would really like to sing it as well... and I've searched very much for the lyrics but have never been able to find them. - love, Fritzie

'Scelette Delicieux' (Rodenkirchen/ Kopp, from NEKROMANTIK 2)

Tu t'apercois, squelette délicieux
Tu t'apercois, de mon desir
L' heure est venue de déguster
ce que tu offres de délires

Le monde ne connaîtra jamais

des fruits si tenebreux
ton corps obeissant me semble
morbide et voluptueux

La mort seule peut me présenter

des cadeaux comme ton amour
la peau detruite, l'haleine pourrie
font le bonheur de mes jours

Pris de vertige, je vois ta chair

lentement se putrefier
la nuit vient, c'est ton royaume
et tu m'en donnes la cle.

Hi Jörg,

you're interview is up for all to see as of now. Here is a link to the interview.
Thank you again for doing the interview.  I really appreciate it and I am also a big fan of your movies. I hope that in the future we can do another interview when your "Captain Berlin" comic is released. Thanks again and take care
- Gene/ Risky Cheese

Had a great time in Berlin. Fun Q & A with Daniel Stamm and Joerg Buttgereit, & saw fellow Basterds Christoph & Til. Munich next!
- Eli Roth, 4th of September 2010 via twitter

Hi Jörg,

I´m a metal guitarrist and songwriter. When I saw Nekromantik in 1994 it realy shock me by 3 months, yeah!!!. At this time it was very hard to have a copy of the movie in México. The story, the music, the actors, everything of this masterpice changed my vision of the movieworld. I'm a Nurse man too, when I was working in the hospital's ICU (Intensive Care) in 1997 one friend give me a copy of Nekromantik 2, and wow.... the protagonist is a Nurse!!!. And since this time your movies are my Favorites of ALL TIMES. Thanks for your work, thanks for give new life to films with inteligence and no compromises. 
-Isaac, Mexico

Dear Jörg,

I've been a fan of yours since I was 15 and discovered your films in a video store near where my grandma used to live. I'd already been a lover of horror film and comics for a long time by then but your films opened up a whole new world of cinema art in horror to my mind and your work has continued to be a big inspiration to me amongst the likes of Argento and Barker.
I would like to send you the digital copies of some of the comics I've had published, in particular one where a Nekromantik DVD is on the table beside a sleeping character. 

Greetings, that are important

In the earthly language... It's possible, I'm your fan..... but in my language..... thank you for your love sacrificed to the King.... or the Queen in other cultures....  Thank you for the Beauty... for the Passion.... for different life.
- Alicja Janusz

I enjoyed the Captain Berlin DVD a lot.
- John. Australia

1st US-DVD edition

I was wondering if you ever did a limited signed edition of Nekromantik? I bought one from someone that was supposedly signed by you and is hand numbered 121 out of 500. seems legitimate enough to me. just want to find out if I got ripped off. Thanks again.
- Jon

Dear Jon,

yes, your DVD is the real thing. It is the first run of the US-DVD edition from Barrel Entertainment from the year 2000. This DVD is out of print by now.
- JB

My 'Todesking' tattoo. Please feel free to post it with the others!
- Paul, Seattle, USA 


- JB.

I have a photo with you... this is year 2007.. Pesaro horror fest... souvenir d'italie... my favorite director... good luck from Italy!

- with love Frank


Your films fills my soul, and I can find myself on them. Thanks for exist.
Congratulations for your work. Love from Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Little Bitch

Just Love...

... Your Films And Have Put A Tattoo On My Body To Have A Great Memory For Myself. Im A Gore-Splatter-Horror movie lover from Norway, but I Live In Sweden..  Johan On The Buttgereit Fans on Facebook told Me That There Were Only Made Tattoos From Der TodesKing by Fans On Your WebPage, So I´ll Send You A Picture Of My CorpseFuckinArt Tattoo And Hope You Like It As Much As I Do, And Wanna Have A Pic Of  It On Your Side, Also Got The Most Of Your Limited DVD´s And Enjoy Your Films Pretty Much....  
Cheers - christian troldmyr

My lovely girlfriend made a tattoo of the corpse fucking art, but in different dimension. here is the pic of it, i do believe it fits in among the other tattoos you got on your side.  keep up the good work dude...  - Christian

 PS: its Kruawan Thongmal, Sweden in the pic, her tattoo...


In appreciation

I suppose that this is atypical, but I'm compelled to write to you in saying what you all ready may know ever since I finished reading Sex Murder Art. Your films have been a massive inspiration to me, I do not have a favorite, as all of them rank equally. No other filmmaker has the same affect on me. The first Nekromantik further inspired me to create great films. The second film further inspired me, and I find it to be your most powerful and the definitive film on that subject matter. Todesking is such a meditative picture. Over the years it's influence grows. Etc and etc with my praise. I have recently shot a short with similar subject matter (it's not a plotless gore film I assure) I'd love to show it to you. - Godspeed

I must...

... say that your movies are one of the best films I have ever seen. They are up there whith Ingmar Bergmans movies and Andrei Tarkovski. - Zaruk


German Kaiju DVDs

I have enejoyed listening to your commentaries on various German Kai-Ju DVDs. It's reallyl too bad that as an Amerikaner I can't seem to get all of them. My "U4000" was 40 Euro (!). Mensch ist das teuer.
You should know that it makes me more likely to purchase them when I know that you have a commentary attached, and presumably you get "ein paar Euros" when they are sold. Perhaps you could give a listing of those DVDs that you are featured in. I certainly don't see it on your web page. - Steve, Crappy Japanese Film Enthusiast

Dear Steve,
until now I made German audiocommentaries for these kaiju-classic DVDs: ATRAGON, LATITUDE ZERO, SON OF GODZILLA and FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD. There is more to come later this year from Anolis Entertainment.
- JB

Tattoo question

I'm wanting to get the cover art from Nekromantik on my thigh but I didn't want to make a mistake of getting it done and being in violation of any copyrighted laws. I work in a shop and I know that some people do get slapped with lawsuits from time to time. I didn't wasn't to end up sending you off a picture of the finished product and then turn around and be in legal trouble, lol. I thought I'd ask first. - Asherz

It may not be a good idea to put the Nekro-art on your body. I have no objections. But it will possibly ruin your life. Have a look here. But if you really do it I wanna see a picture! - JB

Lol, well it wasn't just a decision I made one day because it looks cool. As a child, I didn't like Disney. A favorite of mine has always been Nekromantik. Plus, Nekromantik pushes the limits by far and there is only one othe film that I have found where the topic centers mostly on necrophilia and a love for death. It's a bit of a symbol for me of the whole "pushing the limits" thing. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if you grasp the whole concept of just what type of films you've created and if you're aware of the uproar it has arisen in some people. I couldn't help but smiling at myself in the mirror on a daily knowing that I've put a little bit of an impact on the cultural world. - Asherz

hello, Jörg

Peter Synthetik is real man or it's a mark reeder or even you? - san ya

Answer: Peter is a real man. That`s for sure. But Synthetik is not his real name. -JB

Cool Shirt!

Fangroup on Facebook

Greetings Jörg. My name is Johan and I am living in Stockholm, Sweden. I just want to let you know that I have started a fangroup in your honour on facebook. It has almost 500 members by now. And I try to update it as often as I can.  I only considered that you maybe would find it interesting to know.  I must say I am a huge fan of all your works myself, and your films where a really big inspiration for me as a child. Your films among others help me through My depurations (??). And I still enjoy so re-watch them time to time. I am Looking forward to any new project you may work on now. And I really loved "Captain Berlin versus Hitler", I got may hands on the dogtag edition, and it has it very own shelf in one of my display cases now. Happy new diced, greatens from Sweden - Johan M

The new site is lovely.

I have enjoyed all you films for a very long time now. The early super8 films are great. I loved the "Captain Berlin Versus Hitler" film. I hope more is to come in the future. - Joewl Levis