NEKROMANTIK Action Figure Set

In 1987, director Jörg Buttgereit & producer Manfred Jelinski finished filming Germany’s probably most controversial genre film NEKRomantik. A lunatic love story, a macabre masterpiece, that didn’t loose a single bit of its disturbing power in the last 30 years.

In celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary, Goodleg Toys proudly presents a super limited, hand made resin action figure 2-pack of Betty, and her lovely Corpse. Numbered, and signed by the director himself.

Limited to 30 copies!

Nekromantik comic # 1

Set 20 years after the events of Nekromantik 2 comes the official comic book sequel "Son of Nekromantik". The troubled young gravedigger Eddie tries to reconcile his feelings toward his pretty young girlfriend and his oppressive mother. Will his love of the dead Interfere with his longing for a normal relationship?

Written by Jorg Buttgereit and Martin Trafford, the question of what became of Monika and her child will finally be answered.

Nekromantik # 1
by Jörg Buttgereit and Martin Trafford
Cover: Rainer Engel
November 2016, 52 pages
Weissblech Comics

"Nekromantik 2" Extended Cut

The "Nekromantik 2" Blu-ray/CD mediabook is coming in fall 2016 from Media Target, Germany. The Extended Cut of Nekromantik 2 was perviously considered lost. It was screened only twice before, the first time for the press and the second time for the public world premiere of "Nekromantik 2" in march 1991. Before the official thearical release, the film was shortend by director Jörg Buttgereit for artistic reasons. The recently rediscovered premiere print is the only surving copy of this version, since the original elemtents are lost. This print was scanned and restored at 2k resoultion in 2016 for this blu-ray edition.

Blu-ray features:
- "Extended Cut" (110 Min.) (HD)
- "Directors Cut" (103 Min.) (HD)
- Cast & Crew audiocommentary German & English
- Making of Nekromantik 2 (HD) German & English
- Extensive still gallery (HD) with audiocommentary German & English
- Outtakes (HD) with audiocommentary German & English
- Casting mit Monika M.
- Premiere footage (HD) with audiocommentary German & English
- TV doc "Literweise Spielfilmblut"
- Shortfilm by Manfred O. Jelinski
- 2 musik clips
- TV Interviews
- 24-page booklet (scrapbook & "Son of Nekromantik" comic)
- Extended Soundtrack CD
- Trailer
- Hidden Track
- Subtitles: Deutsch / English / Spanish / French / Italiano / Svenska / Portugues / Suomi

Nekromantik 2 goes blu in the UK

Jörg Buttgereit’s notorious cult classic "Nekromantik 2", once prosecuted in its native Germany as “gloriying violence”, arrives on Blu-ray/DVD for the first time in the UK - fully uncut! Released 2nd November 2015 from Arrow Video!

Nekro 2 goes Blu

NEKROMANTIK 2 will see its Blu-ray debut February 10th of 2015 in USA. Following up the release of Jörg Buttgereit’s original NEKROMANTIK, Cult Epics sent along the full details of the upcoming Blu-ray (Code A). Special features: Audio commentary by Buttgereit, co-writer Franz Rodenkirchen and actors Monika M. and Marc Reeder, new introduction by Buttgereit, The Making of NEKROMANTIK 2, photo gallery, Buttgereit trailers, Original motion picture soundtrack (audio), 20th-anniversary live concert performed by Monika M. and friends (video), A MOMENT OF SILENCE AT THE GRAVE OF ED GEIN short film by Buttgereit, “Half Girl—Lemmy, I’m A Feminist” music video by Buttgereit. The first 5,000 Blu-rays and 2,000 DVDs will include new collectible NEKROMANTIK 2 artwork by Johnny Ryan and a necrophilia photo.

GERMAN ANGST world premiere at Rotterdam

We are very pleased that German Angst will have its World premiere screening at the 44th International Film Festival Rotterdam.

German Angst will be screened on: 

01/24/2015 19:15 Cinerama 6 
01/25/2015 22:15 de Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal 
01/29/2015 19:00 Pathe 2 
01/31/2015 22:15 Oude Luxor

Review on Cineuropa

Review on twitchfilm

Signed NEKROMANTIK Blu-rays

Limited edition Blu-ray/DVD copys of "Nekromantik", individually signed by director Jörg Buttgereit, are available on request. Paypal required.

Hidden Track on German Nekromantik Blu-ray

To uncover the world exclusive hidden track on the German "Nekromantik" Blu-ray from Media Target choose "Extras" in the main menue, go to "Making of Nekromantik", press the "right" button on your cursor, when the "scissors" appear press "enter". Enjoy never-before-seen "Nekromantik" out-takes from the cutting room floor.

Nekromantik goes blu

Jörg Buttgereits cult movie "Nekromantik" will be coming on Blu-ray in a limited Mediabook from Media Target in Germany in Fall 2014.

* world premiere in full HD from Media Target
* mediabook packaging with lavish booklet
* strictly limited release - 1000 copies
* 2-disc set: Blu-ray + soundtrack CD
* including "Hot Love" (predecessor to Nekromantik) in HD
* world exclusive extras
* subtitles: english, spanish, french & italian

In Oktober 2014 "Nekromantik" will also be released in England (Arrow Film), USA (Cult Epics) and Japan (New Select).


Buttgereit on facebook

Join the official Jörg Buttgereit facebook profile!

Buttgereit in Hollywood

Director Jörg Buttgereit In Person at the American Cinemateque in Los Angeles! The notorious German director joins BEYOND FEST 2013 with his unique shockers NEKROMANTIK and SCHRAMM: INTO THE MIND OF A SERIAL KILLER. Only Existing 35mm Prints!
Due to extreme sexual and graphic violence, no one under 18 will be admitted. Discussion between films with director Jörg Buttgereit.

Thu, Oct 24, 2013 • 7:30pm.
Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028

Jörg Buttgereit will also be a guest at the Housecore festival in Austin, Texas from 25th to 27th of October 2013 to present his movies.


New Jörg Buttgereit DVD "MONSTERS OF ARTHOUSE" will be out in Oktober 2013 from Media Target distribution in Germany.

The codefree DVD compiles the 3 Buttgereit stageplays GREEN FRANKENSTEIN, SEXMONSTER! and VIDEO NASTY with English subtitles.

Music-clip "Lemmy I´m a Feminist"

Jörg Buttgereit shot the music-clip "Lemmy, I`m a Feminist" on Super 8 film for the German girl group "Half Girl".

German reviews

watch the clip here

Director Jörg Buttgereit is teaming up with Andreas Marschall and Michal Kosakowski for the three-part independent Horror-anthology GERMAN ANGST. This will be something of a return for Buttgereit, who’s spent much time focusing on theater and radio plays in recent years.

In a conversation with Kier-La Janisse in FANGORIA #323, the filmmaker who battled authorities with notorious works like NEKROMANTIK, alluded to the possibility of GERMAN ANGST, explaining “I just wrote a script for a short film that might be part of an anthology feature from German horror filmmakers. One of the others is Andreas Marschall, who did a giallo called MASKS and painted the NEKROMANTIK poster in 1987. He told me he was traveling with his film all over the world, and at nearly every Q&A, people asked him, ‘What is Jörg Buttgereit doing?’ So he came to me and said, ‘I want to do a compilation film and you have to be part of it because everybody’s asking me.’ That might be something that happens next year, because this year I’m busy with work on KANNIBALE UND LIEBE, my Ed Gein stage play, and I’m also doing a radio play on Kim Jong-il.”

Visit the GERMAN ANGST website.

Buttgereit curates filmprogram in Vienna

“They were looking for something different, but something different saw them first.”- At the invitation of the Viennale and armed with this tagline, the well-known German filmmaker, critic and aficionado Jörg Buttgereit has put together a program of about a dozen films, each of them playing with fire in their own way: a fire that suddenly flares up in flames of eeriness, horror and fear.

The “Something Different” program is based on a small curatorial experiment. The starting point for this film presentation was an advertising slogan for the classic horror movie THE HILLS HAVE EYES, whose trailer starts the words, “They were looking for something different, but something different saw them first.” A sensational slogan as well as a wonderful definition of the elementary ambivalence between cinema and audience.

V’12: OCTOBER 25 - NOVEMBER 7, 2012, Vienna, Austria


Meet Jörg in Indianapolis

Jörg Buttgereit will be a guest at the "Days of The Dead" from 6-8 of July 2012 at the Wyndham Indianapolis West, located in Indianapolis, IN.

Days of the Dead's primary goal is to bring back the concept of the genre convention being a welcoming communal gathering of like minded friends and fans and not just another "pay-and-go" autograph show that has become an all too common experience in the convention scene.

Join LAURENCE HARVEY (Human Centipede 2) and JORG BUTTGEREIT (Nekromantik 1 and 2, Der Todesking) for a special dual panel with the MONSTERS OF SHOCK. Both gentlemen will be not only taking questions from the audience but also engaging each other, in a casual, intimate conversation sure to cover everything from cult cinema to necrophilia, happening Saturday, July 7th only at DAYS OF THE DEAD: Indianapolis.

New stageplay

Jörg Buttgereits new stageplay GREEN FRANKENSTEIN + SEXMONSTER!" is playing 2012 in Dortmund, Germany.

Watch a Trailer here!

German reviews.

Captain Berlin online comic

In cooperation with comic artist Martin Trafford I will present the online-comic CAPTAIN BERLIN VERSUS FUKUDA here on my g+ profile.

As soon as Martin has finished a new page we will publish it online.

Captain Berlin Shirt

Jörg Buttgereit has licensed the first official CAPTAIN BERLIN T-shirt to the German movie magazine DEADLINE. The limited shirt shows the classic comic cover art by Rainer F. Engel.

The CAPTAIN BERLIN shirt can be ordered online from September 2011 at

NEKRO 2 - Limited 20th Anniversary Hardbox

NEKROMANTIK 2 will be released in a limited 20th Anniversary DVD hardbox in April 2011. The DVD is codefree and will play on DVD-players worldwide.
The film is uncut and has English, French, Spanish and Italian subtitles.

Exclusive Bonus CD with "20th Anniversary Nekro 2 Filmconcert"
(recorded live in January 2011 in Berlin by actress Monika M. and friends), Fridgemagnet, a piece of original "Nekro 2" 16 mm filmstock, 32 page booklet, 2 audiocommentarys in English and German, The Making of "Nekromantik 2" (in English and German language), outtakes, slide show, trailers, 2 Musikclips by Buttgereit, videogame teaser "Game of Death", Buttgereit-homemovie: "New York / Paris" (1986) and much more.

The hardbox will be numbered and limited to 666 worldwide.

Dealers may contact Media Target distribution: <>


Jörg Buttgereit has directed a new music clip called "Shaolin Affen". The song is a collaboration of the German outsider artist Klaus Beyer and the American all-star Punk Band OSAKA POPSTAR. Klaus is performing vocals covering the song he has translated from English ("Shaolin Monkeys") into German for his cover version: "Shaolin Affen". watch video

OSAKA POPSTAR is the pop-punk multimedia music and art project led by singer/producer John Cafiero. The Band consists of the groups' founder, frontman and producer John Cafiero with a revolving line-up of legendary special guests in the backing band, including members of the MISFITS, BLACK FLAG, RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS, THE RAMONES and more.

NEKRO 2 - 20th Anniversary Filmconcert

20 years ago, Buttgereits NEKROMANTIK 2 proved to be too much for the German authorities to tolerate. A movie theater premiering the film was raided by the police and the film was banned for several years until it was labled "art" by a German court.
On January 9 of 2011 Jörg Buttgereit will celebrate the 20th anniversary of NEKROMANTIK 2 at the famous stageplay venue Volksbühne in Berlin. Beautiful mainactress Monika M. and band will play a new interpretation of the original film score live on stage. Cast & crew of NEKRO 2 will be present...

Date: Januray 9, 2011, Showtime: 18:00 h
Location: Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
Linienstraße 227, 10178 Berlin

Buttgereit in Alicante/Spain

Jörg Buttgereit will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of NEKROMANTIK 2 at the Festival de cine Gore de Alicante in Spain on December 8/ 2010.

CAFE-TERROR presenta el "20 Aniversario de la película NEKROMANTIK 2". Proyección especial de la película con la presencia del director Alemán Jörg Buttgereit. Al terminar, habrá una charla-coloquio con el director, y ronda de preguntas del público.

MIERCOLES 8 de Diciembre, 17:30 h. - Lugar : Ocho y Medio asoc. Cultural (Plaza de Santa Teresa, 15-bajo - detrás del Panteón de Quijano)


More limited DVD-Hardbox editions

SCHRAMM - INTO THE MIND OF A SERIAL KILLER and HOT LOVE will be released by Media Target distribution in Berlin in limited edition grindhouse-hardboxes in December 2010. The DVDs have no region code and the films are uncut. SCHRAMM will be relased as a double disc with tons of extras including a soundtrack CD. Language is German or Spanish with English and Italian subtitles. The Super 8 short film collection HOT LOVE is in German language with optional English voiceover by Buttgereit.

The hardboxes will be numbered and limited to 222 (SCHRAMM) and 111 (HOT LOVE) pieces only.

MONSTERLAND on Halloween

The French/German TV channel "arte" announced that Jörg Buttgereits documentary film MONSTERLAND will be aired on Halloween 2010. In his doc Buttgereit meets with monster experts like John Carpenter, Rick Baker, Joe Dante, Kenpachiro Satsuma, H.R. Giger, Shinya Tsukamoto, Joe Coleman, Minoru Kawasaki and many others.

airdate: 31.10. 2010 (in Germany and France)

Buttgereit at LUFF

Jörg Buttgereit will be a member of the jury at the LAUSANNE UNDERGROUND FILM & MUSIC FESTIVAL from 20th to 24th of October 2010. There will also be a small retro called "Nekrofilms: The Films of Jörg Buttgereit". more

Limited DVD-Hardbox editions

NEKROMANTIK and DER TODESKING will be released by Media Target distribution in Berlin in limited edition grindhouse-hardboxes in September 2010. The DVDs have no region code. The films are uncut and have English, French, Spanish and Italian subtitles.

The hardboxes will be numbered and limited to 333 (NEKROMANTIK) and 222 (TODESKING) pieces.

Buttgereit main guest on BUT 2010

Jörg Buttgereit will make an appearance on this year’s edition of the BUT film festival ( 8.-12. Sept. 2010) in the Netherlands. Fans of bizarre, experimental or otherwise distorting movies are served every year at the festival for B-movies, Undergoud and Trash films. Location is the city centre of Breda.
BUTFF aims to get a larger audience for artistic photo's, video's, film and modern digital media.
Buttgereit Interview from BUTFF

Buttgereit @ Nippon Connection Festival

Having started only last year, NIPPON CONNECTION Home Cinema has already attained cult status. Armed with a remote control, potato chips and beer, film director and Japanese film expert Jörg Buttgereit dissect one selected gem of Japanese trash film live in front of the silver screen.

Jörg will be accompanied by film director Thilo Gosejohann (who also helped him with “Captain Berlin Vs. Hitler” in 2009) to record the commentary track for an upcoming DVD edition of Kazui Nihonmatsu's classic "Uchu daikaijû girara" from 1967 (probably better known as "The X from Outer Space" ore “Big Space Monster Guilala”).

Date: 15th of April 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany. The number of seats is limited.


Part 5: VIDEO NASTY – Live Radio Play Performance

In the series ROUGH CUTS director Jörg Buttgereit takes on icons of popular, historical or not so common film genres, in order to give them a particular spin in one-time actionist short productions.

In his splatter radio play VIDEO NASTY Buttgereit re-enacts a typical Italian horror film from the Eighties. His media transfer focuses on the video revolution from back then and the heyday of splatter-aesthetics with cannibal and zombie motives.

A mysterious stranger steals the hearts of corpses from a New York morgue. Police detective Jack Romero and anthropologist Andrea Spinell are assigned to what seem to be ritual mutilations. Their investigations lead them to a cannibalistic tribe of indigenous people on a tropical island in the Pacific, where mad Dr. Herbert Fulci wants to turn the natives into an army of weak-willed Zombies. The radio play will be presented as a live performance by famous dubbing artists.
17 March 2010 / 20.00 pm / HAU / Hallesches Ufer 32 / 10963 Berlin


Jörg Buttgereit directed a new episode of the acclaimed series
INTO THE NIGHT for the French/German TV station arte.

INTO THE NIGHT WITH ODA JAUNE AND LARS EIDINGER follows the German actor Eidinger and Bulgarien painter Jaune to Sofia. They share thoughts about religion, sex and death. A real Buttgereit.

Airdate: 2nd of March 2010, 23:45 h, arte (in Germany and France)



Media Target distribution in Berlin released CAPTAIN BERLIN VERSUS HITLER on DVD with english subtitles.

The DVD has no area code and tons of Extras!

Special Features:
Audio Commentary by Jörg Buttgereit and Thilo Gosejohann, english audio Commentary by Mark Reeder, Captain Berlin Original Shorts: “Captain Berlin - Retter der Welt” and “Captain Berlin gegen Hyxar” with english subtitles, Backstage Report, World Premiere in Gelsenkirchen, Original Trailer, Trailers for Captain Cosmotic and Operation Dance Sensation, mini Comic-book OPERATION UNTERGANG and a dog-tag.



Jörg Buttgereit has a small acting part as a cop in the horror movie MUST LOVE DEATH. The Fantasia film festival in Montreal held the world premiere which was quite a good fit. Offhand, it’s difficult to think of another film that features both a “meet cute” and a nail gun, but in his first feature, Andreas Schaap manages to unite the two. MLD, for better or worse, belongs to a genre of one: the torture porn romantic comedy. It also serves as an outsider’s view of American pop culture, being as it is directed and written by a German (with a mostly-German cast and crew). The film is shot in English.


The GROSSMANN Filmfestival in Slovenia is happy to announce that Jörg Buttgereit attended this year’s festival, where he received the award for special achievements in fantastic/horror cinematography.

Few authors have managed to convey to the silver screen such horrific, yet  at the same time captivating images as the Berlin director Jörg Buttgereit. Already his first effort NEKROMANTIK, that has earned him a rabid cult following in the underground horror scene of the eighties, baffled the censors and was prohibited in many countries, while the sequel was preferably to be obliterated from the face of the Earth. Despite these considerable difficulties, Buttgereit stayed true to his vision and became darker and more morbid with every film he made, he demanded more and more from his audience, but remained fresh and light-years away from the mainstream film-making scene.