SCHRAMM Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Zum 30jährigen Jubiläum von Jörg Buttgereits Spielfilm SCHRAMM – INTO THE MIND OF A SERIAL KILLER erscheint am Valentinstag, den 14. Februar 2023, in den USA die original Filmmusik von Max Müller (Mutter) und Gundula Schmitz als 12“ Vinyl Schallplatte.

SCHRAMM LP Cover von „1974 Records“ (USA)

Die LP vom Label „1974 Records“ ist in klarem Vinyl mit rotem Blutfleck (limitiert auf 200 Stück) und als Picture Disc (limitiert auf 100 Stück) mit dem Filmplakatmotiv von Künstler Micha Brendel erhältlich. 

SCHRAMM Picture Disc LP


Seite A
Schramm is dead (intro)
Running Schramm
The lucky days of youth
Lothars workout
Nailed it
Together with Marianne

Seite B
Schramm is dead (variation)
Take my body
Standing before the lord
Look away
Schramm is dead (finale)

Bestellen bei „1974 Records

SCHRAMM Limited Edition

German filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit takes you into the twisted mind of a deranged sex killer in the deeply disturbing SCHRAMM.
Lothar Schramm, the so-called “Lipstick Killer”, lies dying in a pool of blood and paint. As he expires, fragments of his life flash before his eyes – his uneasy friendship with the prostitute that lives next door; the brutal slaughter of a pair of doorstep evangelists whose bodies he poses in obscene fashion; his unhealthy pastime of hammering nails into his own manhood.

Digipak packaging featuring artwork by Gilles Vranckx

Told in an entirely non-linear fashion, Jörg Buttgereit’s SCHRAMM – with its nightmarish hallucinatory sequences involving severed limbs and gaping, sharp-toothed female genitalia – comes about as close as a film can get to transporting you directly into the world of a sick, disordered mind.

SCHRAMM Limited Edition contents:
Uncut High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
Optional English subtitles
2 Audio commentarys
Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt: Scenes from the Afterlife of Lothar Schramm – animated short film sequel by stop-motion artist Robert Morgan
Take My Body: The Journey of a Blow-up Doll
Jörg Buttgereit in conversation with Arrow Video’s Ewan Cant
The Making of Schramm – behind-the-scenes documentary
Mein Papi – Buttgereit short film available in HD for the first time
Jesus – Der Film – short film segment directed by Jörg Buttgereit
Extensive image gallery
Limited edition certificate
Set of 5 exclusive Schramm „polaroid“ postcards
Soundtrack CD
60-page book

Release Date: 29/07/2019. Pre-order from Arrow Video.