A limited red colored NEKROMANTIK VHS cassette is coming soon from „Retro Release Video“ (USA) .

Rob, who works at a street-cleaning agency, visits roadside accients to clean up the scene. Incidentally Rob collects the body parts and shares them with his girlfriend Betty. When Rob presents a complete corpse taken out of the swamp, their undying love reaches its peak, but soon after, Betty gets a more liking towards the corpse and leaves Rob, which takes him to the sick end of his destruction.

“Ground-breakingly gruesome. The first erotic films for necrophiliacs.” – John Waters

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Brand new officially licensed Nekromantik and Nekromantik 2 shirts are available to pre-order from „Last Shirt on the Left“ in the UK. This time in both long and short sleeve varieties.

Left for good. Took the corpse.“

Designed by John Pearson, this pre-order comes with an A4 print and some Nekro-stickers. Shipping expected by the end of August / early September 2021.

„Last Shirt on the Left“ pre-order.

Autographed NEKROMANTIK Covers

A very limited number of original vintage NEKROMANTIK DVD Covers signed by director Jörg Buttgereit are available on request.

Jörg will take the time to autograph and personalize the cover to you. Personalization increases the sentimental value and uniqueness of your collection. You will also get a temporary TODESKING Transfer tattoo.
If you like to own an authentic autographed NEKROMANTIK Cover send your request to:

LOVE & DEATH: Buttgereit Blu-ray Box

Controversial, crazy, shocking, disturbing. Using any of those words to describe director Jörg Buttgereits output would be putting it mildly! Over the years, the Berlin based filmmaker has created some of the genres most graphic and twisted films and cemented his reputation as one of cult cinemas grisliest auteurs.

The 4-Disc Special Edition contents: High Definition Blu-ray presentations of four feature films by Jörg Buttgereit: NEKROMANTIK, DER TODESKING, NEKROMANTIK 2 and SCHRAMM. Early Buttgereit short films: HOT LOVE (1985), HORROR HEAVEN (1984), DER GOLLOB (1983), BLUTIGE EXZESSE IM FÜHRERBUNKER (1982), A MOMENT OF SILENCE AT THE GRAVE OF ED GEIN (2012), MEIN PAPI (1981-95) and TOMORROW I WILL BE DIRT (2019), the animated short sequel to SCHRAMM. All films are in German language with optional English subtitles. Plus many hours of extras and Special Edition packaging featuring new artwork by Gilles Vranckx and reversible sleeves featuring artwork by Godmachine and Vranckx.

„LOVE & DEATH: The Films of Jörg Buttgereit“ will be released in October 2020 from Arrow Video in the UK.

„Schweinchen“ Dekompositionsfilm

Der 20 minütige Kurzfilm „Schweinchen“ dokumentiert eine von dem Kriminalbiologen Dr. Mark Benecke durchgeführte Verwesungsstudie. Die künstlerische Leitung bei diesem forensischen Dekompositionsfilm hat Jörg Buttgereit übernommen. Die Musik wurde von Andre Abshagen komponiert, der schon diverse Hörspiel- und Dokumentarfilmprojekte von Buttgereit musikalisch betreut hat. Geschnitten und produziert hat den Film Michal Kosakowski („German Angst“) im Auftrag von Mark Benecke.

Plakatentwurf von Gilles Vranckx

Die Premiere des Films ist für den 25. Februar 2020 im Kino Babylon in Berlin geplant. Die Filmemacher werden anwesend sein und freuen sich auf eine Diskussion mit dem Publikum.
Achtung: Der Film enthält Szenen differenzieller Dekomposition, die junge oder besonders sensible Zuschauer schockieren können. Alle Tiere in der Studie sind auf natürliche Weise verstorben.